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Strong intellectual property is a valuable asset for Peregrine and we will continue to seek robust patent protection for key areas of our research and development efforts. Our extensive patent portfolio covers a number of technologies, including our drug product candidates and preclinical platforms.

Peregrine holds or has an exclusive license to over 200 issued patents and published patent applications worldwide. These include patents directed to imaging and treating cancer using antibodies and immunoconjugates that target phosphatidylserine (PS) and phosphatidylethanolamine (PE) exposed on tumor blood vessels. Our lead PS targeting antibody bavituximab is protected by several composition and method patents, including those directly supporting our clinical programs of treating cancer and viral infections using bavituximab in combination therapies. Peregrine also holds composition and method patents for our novel cancer therapy Cotara®.

In addition, our intellectual property covers a wide range of antibody conjugates, families of anti-VEGF antibodies and PE-targeting peptide conjugates and their use in a range of therapeutic methods, such as treating solid tumors and viral infections.